The Latest and Greatest Heaters for Your Shop, Warehouse, or Job Site

Posted on: December 6th, 2021 by McHenry PCS

Each winter, one thing can make or break your comfort on the job site—the efficiency and quality of your portable heater. McHenry has a wide range of fuel-fired VAL6 infrared heaters for your worksite, farm, workshop, warehouse, or shop. The options range from compact space to long-running portable heating options designed for large spaces.

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Why We Love Infrared Heaters

Infrared heat has a number of advantages over other types of space heaters, including instant heat that feels like the sun warming your skin. Energy efficiency is greater, too. VAL6 constantly improved their infrared heating line with additions and improvements.

Here are a few reasons why we love infrared heating options, and why many construction companies, farmers, warehouses, and other operations love them, too.

  1. Sunlight Warmth — If you want instant heat that warms you like summer sunlight, an infrared heater delivers. This also means they do not lose heat to the wind.
  2. Odorless & Smokeless — Even using diesel fuel, the VAL6 infrared heaters produce zero odor and no smoke.
  3. Efficiency — If you like saving energy, the VAL6 line of heaters offers 100% fuel-to-energy conversion. Their state-of-the-art combustion chambers make them the most fuel-efficient heaters on the market.
  4. Portability & Flexibility — The VAL6 infrared heaters can travel with you to keep you and your crew warm indoors and outdoors. You can choose from sizes ranging from hand-carry models to large, powerful wheeled models. Finally, they run on a variety of fuels. Natural gas, propane, and diesel options are available.

This winter, get the warmth you need to be productive on the job site. Our wide range of models: MPX, KBE5L, and EPX offer heating solutions for almost any application no matter what Mother Nature does.

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