Centralized Multi-User Cleaning Systems

Add pressure washing capabilities throughout your facility for greater productivity and reduced maintenance. McHenry PCS designs and installs multi-user VFD Cleaning Systems for demanding cleaning applications. The pumping unit remains outside of the work environment, while high-pressure drops provide easy access to cleaning power.

We customize each system to your application using variable speed drives and pump and motor combinations selected for your application. The variable drive adapts to the demands of multiple users. Real-time system data informs operators of low water pressure and other activity. Add water quality and temperature monitoring as well as protective housing to fully optimize the cleaning system for your operation.

Manufacturing, food and meat processing and other types of plants can all increase productivity with a custom VFD Cleaning System. Tailor your system to your application by selecting the pumping module and high-psi piping to suit your centralized cleaning requirements. Contact us to learn more.

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