Undercarriage Wash Systems

Undercarriage washes provide an easy, efficient means of flushing mud, salt, and other containment form vehicle/equipment undercarriages. They can prevent unnecessary corrosion and detriment to your vehicles and equipment, as well as providing for easier maintenance.

McHenry PCS offers several levels and scopes of under carriage washes to help almost any size fleet battle corrosion and protect investments, contact us today to discuss your needs.

undercarriage system used on a pickup truck
undercarriage system used on a truck

Stationary WCU Systems

Stationary (drive over) systems. Our WCU systems offer straight forward stationary, drive over under carriage wash for your entire fleet, Several sizes and options are available to make our WCU custom fit your needs. WCU’s can be added to existing wash bay or built into new construction. McHenry PCS can provide a complete installed system or provide a kit for you to install yourself.

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undercarriage wash system

Automatic Undercarriage Wash

WNV-Systems has created a fully automatic undercarriage wash system to effectively and safely clean a full range of vehicles across all types of industries. Below are the features of the under chassis wash system:


  • Adjustable and programable to concentrate specifically on contaminated areas, such as engines and gearboxes
  • Running track and framework in heavy gauge hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Microprocessor controlled, with multi programs and tracking systems and HMI user controls with 10 programs available
  • Includes after sale service, support, and maintenance.
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Portable Systems

Have a smaller fleet or looking for a portable solution? McHenry PCS offers several portable options that can be ran off existing wash equipment. These systems come in many sizes and variations.

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McHenry PCS can assist you in selecting the right system for your needs! Contact us for your own undercarriage wash system evaluation.