Do you service equipment you don't sell?

Yes. Our goal is to assist all customers. We service most brands and our only limitation is parts availability.

Do you offer on-site service?

Yes. We have fully stocked service trucks that allow us to travel directly to your location. This usually provides faster and more efficient service.

What PSI is required for proper cleaning when using a pressure washer?

First, both pressure (PSI) and flow (GPM) should be considered. The goal is to find the right GPM and PSI balance. PSI determines the impact, as well as force, and distance of spray. You want enough pressure to complete the job but not so much that it causes damage to what you are cleaning or causing unnecessary operator fatigue.

Flow determines your flushing and wettings capabilities. In most cases, flow determines how fast you clean; the more flow you have, the faster you clean. Your flow selection should be as high as possible, given what your water supply can keep up with.

Should I buy a gasoline or electric powered pressure washer unit?

Gasoline engine driven units offer maximum portability and all the power you'll ever need. Electric units are easier to use and require less maintenance. If you have the proper electric supply where you want to use the equipment, we recommend you select an electric powered pressure washer.

Should I purchase a stationary or portable machine?

Where are you using the unit? If you have a set location such as a wash bay, a stationary machine offers an advantage and allows for more control packages. If you have multiple locations or need to move the unit during usage, a portable unit is the better solution.

Does hot water really clean better than cold water?

Yes! Any type of cleaning can be enhanced with the addition of hot water. Hot water has a tremendous benefit when cleaning involves any type of grease or oil removal, or the need for sanitation.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes. We offer custom financing options which can range from 1-month to 60-month terms and fit your financial needs. You can also use our lease calculator to see what financing options are vailable.