Rental Equipment

McHenry PCS offers pressure washers and equipment that is hard to find at a local rental company. Our rental equipment is specialized, modern, and properly maintained, so it works exactly how you need it to. Daily, weekly and monthly rental terms are available.

Portable Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our portable, self-contained, hot water units provide hot water cleaning where you need it. Fire up the powerful gasoline engine and you'll be well on your way to cleaning effectively.

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Trailer Mounted Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our trailer mounted hot water power washers give you the ability to go virtually anywhere and clean anything. As a self-contained unit, these compact trailers are easy to maneuver which allows you to work in a variety of places. If you're looking for a unit with a high water capacity that's easy to tow, we have the trailer mounted unit you're looking for.

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Portable Electric Hot Water Pressure Washers

These units work well for cleaning equipment at your shop or anywhere a power source is available. Renters can choose between 120 volt and 220 volt portable hot water pressure washers units, whichever best suits their needs. Delivery is available.

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Cold Water Pressure Washer

This rental washer is ideal for removing dirt, mud, mold, and mildew from almost any surface. Contractors love it because its portable design makes it easy to move from one job to the next. With various pressure and flow options available, these portable units are considered one of the most versatile units you can deploy on a jobsite.

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7000 PSI Water Blaster

This specialized water blaster offers 7000 PSI of stripping power in a portable gas engine package. If you have something to strip, peel or cut, this powerful unit delivers the power to do it all.

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Pressure Washer Accessories

Get more work done and make cleaning jobs easier with the following power washing accessories:

  • Surface cleaner attachments
  • Long reach Ext-A-Wands
  • Extension pressure hoses

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