Finding the Right Pressure Washing Accessory

Posted on: April 20th, 2023 by McHenry PCS

Pressure washing accessories run the gamut from extended reach and dual wands and nozzles to soap applicators. Choosing the right accessories for your pressure washer and cleaning application can save you a lot of time and give you more control and power! Making the switch to quick-connect nozzles only represents one of many ways to make your work easier. Learn more about a few recommended pressure washer wands, nozzles, and soap applicators available today.

Pressure Washer Wands

Wand length matters, and extended reach wands and dual lance wands help you get the job done much faster. Extended reach wands help keep you safe, too, by providing better access for jobs where you might otherwise need to get on a ladder or scaffold. With something like a Giraffe extension wand or telescopic wand, you can clean homes, office buildings, gutters, and large equipment with greater ease and peace of mind.

Dual lance and extended reach wands

For vehicle cleaning or other soap-and-rinse applications, dual-lance wands provide easy and efficient two-step cleaning. With the dual-lance wand, there are two wands with an acidic chemical or soap attached to one lance and an alkaline chemical or wax on the other lance. You don’t have to switch out wands—just plug and play with access to both steps of the wash and wax process in a single dual lance. Watch a dual lance in action.


As we’ve detailed in a previous blog post, using the right pressure washer nozzle is important to your productivity. If you don’t have the right nozzle, you can strip paint or labor a lot longer to finish a project. Some of the best nozzles you can get include quick-connect nozzles, which allow you to choose from and change nozzles in a matter of seconds. Quick-connect nozzles sets allow you to rapidly switch to the correct nozzle for the task at hand.

Display of quick connect and sewer nozzles

A time saver for large commercial cleaning projects includes the rotating nozzle. Because of their incredible power, rotating nozzles can slash cleaning time by 50 percent, thanks to a rotating turbo blast of water. Rotating nozzles work well on concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways and other hard surfaces. They can also be used to remove paint.

One other nozzle that is gaining popularity is the sewer nozzle or jetter nozzle. With one of these nozzles and the right pressure washer, contractors can clean out sewer pipes very quickly and effectively. Sewer nozzles spray water in multiple directions, making them perfect for cleaning drainpipes. Clogs and roots are no match for a sewer nozzle! A jetter conversion kit may be needed for optimal results. Learn more about sewer nozzles for pipe cleaning.

Soap Applications

When it comes to soap application requirements, contractors can choose from foamers, downstream injector kits and X-Jets. Foamer attachments help you apply a thick cleaning foam by combining water and air. This helps conserve soap and clean more effectively. Downstream injector kits include a hose, injector, and soap nozzle to make soap application easier.

The next step in soap or chemical application is the X-Jet, which injects detergent or other chemicals at the desired pressure—without going through the pressure washer pump, hose, or gun. This extends the life of your commercial pressure washing equipment. It also allows you to switch between soaping and rinsing and maintain a 40-foot distance or more from the surface you need to clean.

McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems has the pressure washer accessories to expedite any cleaning project. Are you ready to have more control and power so you can finish pressure washing jobs faster? Get the latest pressure washer accessories today. Request a Quote