Pressure Washer Water Treatment and Recovery Systems

Posted on: December 30th, 2014 by McHenry PCS

 Pressure Washer Water Treatment and Recovery Systems

Have you ever considered how dirty of a job cleaning can be?  Ironic, but true, and it’s definitely true when it comes to industrial pressure washing, cleaning, and degreasing.  The run-off from these types of cleaning, whether it be parts or equipment, can cause major messes for a business and most importantly the environment.

Luckily, wash water recovery and treatment systems exist to contain, treat and recycle waste water generated by industrial cleaning.  These systems, both stationary and portable, protect the environment and businesses’ property from harmful chemicals and run-off that pollutes water and soil.

Below, McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems of the Washington D.C. area offers a few reasons to implement a pressure washing recovery and treatment system at your business.


Importance of Recovering and Treating Water

Protect the Environment

Businesses using industrial pressure cleaning systems also use wash water treatment systems to avoid harming the environment.  Wash water waste is full of grease, oils, and chemicals and takes serious toll on the environment if left to soak into the ground or drain into bodies of water.  By implementing a wash water recovery and treatment system business avoid expensive cleanup, conserve water, and protect the environment.

Economically, pressure washing recover and treatment systems save businesses money by conserving water.  Wash water recover and treatment systems from McHenry Industrial Cleaning Systems catch, recover and treat water run-off from industrial cleaning.  Water is then re-used for cleaning, as opposed to wasting the wash water and using new water.


Protect Your Business

Adhering to proper wash water recovery and treatment practices is not only a moral obligation to the environment, but a legal requirement as well.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies fine and penalize companies who do not properly invest in wash water recovery treatment.

EPA requires businesses to adhere to standards that very often include implementation of a wash water recovery and treatment system.

Businesses without proper wash water recovery and treatment systems also run the risk of high insurance premiums.  Insurance companies invest interest in environmental concerns and charge higher premiums to or even drop customers who fail to address environmental issues.

Every wash water recovery and treatment system designed and installed at McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems meets regulation codes, protecting you from fines, penalties, and expensive contamination clean-up.

Time to Implement a Wash Water Management System?

Ask these questions of your business’ cleaning practices:

  • Is there a better way to clean?
  • Can I minimize or eliminate waste?
  • Is wash water run-off reaching the soil or storm drain?
  • Is rain water entering the current waste system in place?
  • Can I save money by not having waste hauled off?
  • Is your current system meeting requirements, working properly or even leaking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to consider implementing a wash water recover and treatment system.

If your business is located in Maryland or Virginia area, contact McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems for more information on our pressure washing recovery and treatment systems.

McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems can visit location(s) to provide an environmental evaluation of your wash area and process. We can help you identify ways to reduce your environmental impact, increase cleaning efficiency, protect your business and save money.

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