Spring Pressure Cleaning with McHenry PCS

Posted on: March 16th, 2020 by McHenry PCS

Spring has finally sprung.  With spring weather comes a whole new list of projects, jobs, equipment.  Along with that, spring and summer allows for more outside cleaning that cannot be done or is avoided when temperatures are below freezing. Spring weather allows companies and equipment owners to clean away winter grime and begin preparing spring equipment for the high use of spring.

If you have yet to clean and store winter equipment, now is a great time to transition.  Fleets, municipalities, and equipment owners should pressure wash snow removal equipment for storage to get the salt off of equipment and prevent corrosion.  Read more about equipment salt removal here.

Turf and landscaping companies can begin prepping for mowing season, equipment companies for busy season, and property management owners at shopping centers, malls, parking decks rid the winter salt from parking lots.

McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems has a variety of Industrial cleaning equiptment available for cleaning of any capacity, including:

Cold Water Pressure Washers
Hot Water Pressure Washers
Steam Cleaning Equipment
Fleet Cleaning Systems
Undercarriage Cleaning Attachments
Surface Cleaners

As spring cleaning approaches, McHenry PCS wants to ensure customers use proper chemicals, soaps, and detergents for the job.  McHenry PCS offers a wide variety of cleaning products including:

Salt Removers
Vehicle Wash Detergents
Equipment Degreasers/Cleaners
Aluminum Brighteners and Cleaners
Siding and Wood Cleaners 

Is your current equipment performing at top efficiently? We offer parts and service not only on what we sell but other equipment as well.

Don’t have the spring pressure cleaning equipment you need to clean-up?  We have a line of rental equipment including portable pressure washers and trailer mounted pressure washer units.

Contact McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems today and let us know assist you in your spring clean-up.