Spring Car and Equipment Cleaning

Posted on: February 23rd, 2015 by McHenry PCS

Cleaning Salt from Vehicles and Equipment

Although chilly weather still lingers along the East Coast, warm weather is right around the corner.  Unfortunately, until then, these cold winter months continue to make life a little more hectic.  As if icy, bad weather driving isn’t stressful enough, winter driving takes a toll on the condition of our vehicles.  Rust and paint erosion are the price we pay to drive on clear, dry roads in the wintertime.  Icy winter roads call for the use of salt to keep roadways clear.  Salt is used because of its ability to lower water’s freezing point, causing ice formed on roadways and sidewalks to melt despite below freezing air temperatures.  In some areas sand and salt are mixed.  Salt defrosts icy roads while sand helps keep the salt in place and adds traction to wet or slushy roads.

Both large equipment and regular vehicles can accrue rust as a result of salt on winter roads.  The best way to prevent rust is to properly clean vehicles on warm winter days and as spring approaches.  McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems has a variety of industrial and residential cleaning solutions to keep the salt from ruining your valuable asset. Learn more about spring car and equipment cleaning below.


Large Fleet Cleaning

Large trucks, trailers and equipment can be difficult and time consuming to pressure wash clean.  Cleaning a fleet of trucks is a daunting task, especially in the wintertime. McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems can help you save time by implementing a custom truck and fleet cleaning system.  McHenry can designs automatic, drive-thru or self-service systems to best fit your needs.  Bay areas collect drained water that can be treated and recycled for continual cost-savings.

As spring approaches, consider the improvements that a large fleet cleaning system could make to your business.  Contact McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems in Frederick, Maryland for more information (301) 663-4683.


Cleaning Vehicles and Equipment 

For regular vehicle and small equipment cleaning, McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems has a large inventory of industrial and residential pressure washers that can protect your car from rust damage.

Visit McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems online to view all cleaning products and request a quote.

Tips for Cleaning Salt and Winter Grime:

  • Keep equipment and vehicles free of dried road grime.  If you have access to an indoor cleaning facility or large area to use a pressure washer, wash the dirt, grime and salt from your vehicle often.  If you do not have access to an indoor cleaning facility, wash vehicles and equipment when temperatures are above freezing.
  • While washing in colder months, dry edges of doors, undersides of door handles, all hinges, and hood and trunk edges to prevent freezing.
  • After a winter washing, apply an additional coat of wax to any exposed metal, ensure the metal is warm enough to apply.  McHenry Pressure cleaning has pressure cleaning products, soaps and wax available for purchase to help ease the winter cleaning process. More information here.
  • Next season year before cold weather approaches, seal the undercarriage of your vehicle to prevent salt from getting into areas that it could rust.  Brake and fuel lines are important to cover, as these are the most susceptible items for rust and corrosion.
  • Cleaning the undercarriage of your vehicles can be made a lot easier by the use of an undercarriage cleaner attachment from McHenry PCS. These attachments can be used with your current pressure washer. They can make a difficult, awkward cleaning task much easier and more efficient. Call McHenry PCS for details and/or check them out here.