Selecting the Right Pressure Washer for Industrial Cleaning

Selecting An Industrial Pressure Washer
Posted on: January 31st, 2020 by McHenry PCS

Industrial pressure washers exist to make cleaning large and small surfaces easier and faster than a standard garden hose.  With many different pressure washers available however, choosing the industrial pressure washer that best suits your job can be difficult.  Learn more about hot and cold industrial pressure washers, different PSI and flow rates, and types of chemicals to help you find the perfect machine for your industrial cleaning needs below.

Hot vs. Cold

Does water temperature really make a difference?  YES! Regular dirt, grime, paint stripping, and industrial cleaning projects are easily taken care of with a cold water industrial pressure washer.  If grease or oil is involved however, a hot water industrial pressure washer is the only machine for the job.  Hot water has less surface tension that easily penetrates and fights difficult grease or oils.  Additionally, if you plan to use the pressure washer frequently, especially daily, a hot water pressure washer is worth the investment.  Hot water pressure washers have the ability to clean faster and can save valuable work time.  McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems has a variety of different cold and hot water industrial pressure washers to make your job as easy as possible.

PSI and Water Flow Rate

Once you have decided on a cold or hot water industrial pressure washer, understanding Pound per Square Inch (PSI) and water flow rate or Gallons per Minute (GPM) will allow you to determine the right amount of power needed for your industrial cleaning job.

PSI is the amount in which water pressure is measured and is necessary to break the chemical bond between the cleaning surface and the dirt/grime/paint, etc.  Water flow rate is measured in Gallons per Minute (GPM) and is the amount of water the device is capable of omitting when fully engaged.

A combination of PSI and GPM determines the power and efficiency of the pressure washer, often known as cleaning unity.  The higher the PSI, often the lower the GPM and vice versa.  McHenry Pressure Cleaning System’s industrial pressure washers range from 1000-4000 PSI and 2-8 GPM depending on the type of machine.  The wide variety of pressure and flow rate allows you to find the perfect machine specific to your industrial cleaning needs.

Light Industrial Uses vs. Heavy Industrial Uses for Pressure Washers

Whether cleaning ATVs and sidewalks or stripping the paint off a large building, any task large and small is made easy with the right industrial pressure washer from McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems.  A machine with less PSI and GMP will allow optimal cleaning capabilities for smaller projects and less-frequent use.  On the other hand, for large scale industrial cleaning and daily pressure washing, an industrial pressure washer with more PSI and GPM is necessary.

Industrial Pressure Washer Accessories

Additional industrial pressure washer accessories put the efficiency of a pressure washer to good use! From tall buildings to grimy floors, McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems has a wide variety of accessories to help customize the industrial cleaning power of almost any job.

  • Trigger guns and extended reach wands
  • Hoses and hose reels
  • Long range and rotating nozzles
  • Detergent injectors
  • Brushes and surface rotary cleaners


It’s possible that water and pressure just won’t get the job done.  Adding a cleaning solution or chemical to a hot or cold industrial pressure washer can dramatically improve cleaning capabilities.  McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems offers a variety of cleaning solutions and chemicals to better clean a variety of surface areas.  Cleaning solutions can remove soil dispersion and film without scrubbing or brushing.  Graffiti, oil/grease spills and leaks, and vehicle grime won’t withstand the high-quality cleaning solutions and chemicals from McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems.

For more information or questions about McHenry Pressure Cleaning System’s industrial pressure washers, accessories, or cleaning solutions call (301) 663-4683 or (800) 221-6905.