Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Safety Tips from McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems

Posted on: September 16th, 2014 by McHenry PCS

Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Safety Tips

Heavy duty pressure washing is a fast and effective method of cleaning at home, work, or on the farm. It’s a fun chore, but can also be dangerous if proper heavy duty pressure washer safety measures are ignored. To guarantee safety while pressure washing, abide by instructions described in the owner’s manual and take all safety precautions printed on the machine.

Proper use of the machine is key to a safe experience with the pressure washer.  Below, common heavy duty pressure washer safety tips from McHenry Pressure Cleaning in Washington D.C. can help you ensure an injury free clean.

Inspect the Pressure Washer 

Prior to starting the pressure washer, inspect the machine to ensure it is in safe working order.  Place the machine on a level surface away from bodies of water or ledges.  Do not sit the machine in standing water or in a low area where water may collect during use.  Additionally, if using an extension cord, keep the connection between the pressure washer cord and extension cord away from standing water or areas that could puddle.  Once set up, test the circuit breaker or outlet that the pressure washer will be plugged into.

Read and Follow Safety Instructions

To guarantee safety while pressure washing, abide by instructions described in the owner’s manual and take all safety cautions printed on the machine.

Handling the Pressure Washer

When holding the pressure washer, maintain a firm grasp and stance.  Heavy duty pressure washers are extremely powerful and can give a considerable kickback when initially engaged.  When the gun is not in use, point the gun at the object being cleaned, the ground, or away from animals and humans near.  It’s very important to NEVER point the gun at another human or animal.  Pressure washers can cause very serious injuries resulting in infection or loss of limbs if not used properly.

That being said, never attempt to wash your hands or feet with the pressure washer following a job.  Even moderate power pressure washers can seriously puncture the skin.  High pressure water injection injuries require medical attention in many instances.  If skin is broken and water or detergent is held under the skin, seek medical attention immediately. 

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

Eyewear- The high pressure spray of a pressure washer can send debris and loose objects flying during a pressure washing job.  Wearing protective glasses will keep dirt, debris and detergent over-spray out of eyes.

Ears and Headwear- Pressure washer over-spray can make the work surface slippery and dangerous.  If working in a dangerous area or on a slippery surface, wearing protective headwear prevents injury in case of a fall.  Ear plugs will help avoid damage when using a loud machine, like a pressure washer.

Hands– A majority of high water pressure injuries are sustained on the hand and index finger, due to common handling of heavy duty pressure washers.  To avoid hand injuries, follow heavy duty pressure washer safety tips and wear a pair of rubber gripped gloves that will not slip when wet.

Rubber Soled Shoes– To ground yourself from electric shock and to prevent slipping, wear rubber soled shoes while pressure washing. NEVER pressure wash barefoot or in sandals.  Skin and bones of the foot are easily severed if accidentally placed in front of a pressure washer spray.

Pressure Washer Detergent

Before using pressure washer detergent or soap, review all instructions.  Ensure that the proper amount of pressure washer soap or detergent is used prior to mixing.  It’s important if injured during pressure washing that detergent does not remain under the skin.  If injured  using pressure washer detergent or soap, seek immediate medical attention.

Obtain Regular Maintenance

Keeping your heavy duty pressure washer in safe, maintained condition is important to avoid shorts, shock, or broken parts.  At McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems in Washington D.C, we offer our customers preventative maintenance contracts and regular maintenance checks to extend the life of McHenry heavy duty pressure washers.

Enjoy using your heavy duty pressure washer, just remember to take all necessary pressure washer safety precautions to make it a safe and enjoyable job! For more information about McHenry Pressure Cleaning System’s pressure washers click here or call McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems in Frederick, MD at 301-663-4683 or toll free at 800-221-6905