The Importance of the Pressure Washer Pump

Posted on: June 21st, 2016 by McHenry PCS

Just as the heart pumps blood, a pressure washer pump is the lifeblood of a pressure washer.

At McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems, we’ve supplied high quality pressure cleaning and environmental equipment to clients for more than 25 years. We also offer a full line of pump kits for a variety of pressure washer makes and models. Using the right pump for the right pressure washer is critical for our customers in trucking, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and other industries. We’ll help you every step of the way—from selection to maintenance and even to installation. Our on-site demonstrations will help ensure you’re buying the right equipment for your application and use.

But first, we’d like to explain the importance and function of a pump.

A pressure washer pump moves a column of water to create a flow. Pressure is created as water is restricted when it flows through the nozzle. When we discuss the pound-force per square inch (psi), it’s a measurement of the pump moving a set amount of water per minute through the hose and out the nozzle. To determine psi, you divide the force applied with the area or P = F/A.

Like an automobile, high powered pressure washer pumps require a series of cylinders and valves. Pistons pull water from the inlet valve and expel it through the outlet valve.

Water pressure can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the pump speed, expanding or shortening the piston stroke, or by increasing or decreasing the cylinder bore.

When a pressure washer needs to be repaired, most people assume the pump has failed. However, in nearly 90 percent of the cases, the malfunctioning involves other parts of the pressure washer.

When the pump is causing an issue, it’s usually because of pump starvation which restricts liquid flow to the pump. When this happens, the pump overheats and the pump seals and valves run dry and are destroyed.

At McHenry, when you purchase your pressure washer we provide training to help you safely and properly operate and maintain your pressure washer. We advise our customers to always use properly sized filters and select the right sized supply tank or water source to keep pace with the system’s demand.

If you ever have issues with our pressure washer, rest assured that McHenry PCS provides full service and support on everything we sell. Our fully equipped service and parts department and knowledgeable service staff can assist you in making your equipment run efficiently and safely.

Contact McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems today. We offer a wide variety of pressure washers, including cold water and hot water systems, as well as truck mount and custom pressure washers. We also feature cleaning detergents and all the parts and accessories you’ll ever need for your pressure washer.