A Guide to Infrared Portable Heaters

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by McHenry PCS

Efficient Machines

Powerful and efficient, VAL6 infrared heaters are the best way to keep warm this winter.  If you need heat in your shop, warehouse, outdoor work area, etc. this winter, our VAL6 heaters offer many efficient models to meet your heating needs, all available at McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems.


EPX from Val6
Looking for a powerful infrared heater that won’t burn a hole in your pocket this winter?  Not literally, of course! The EPX is the series’ most powerful and efficient machine to date.  The EPX infrared heater has a revolutionized high/low output control that allows users to choose an output specific to need.  The machine is equipped with an automatic shut off to prevent malfunction and maintain efficiency if the machine overheats. This model consumes only 1 gallon per hour at its highest settings, saving you money! Its discharge is rated at less than 1ppm of carbon dioxide making it safe to use in almost any industrial setting.

KBE5L (2-Step)
Just when you thought it was impossible to save even more energy, the KBE5L (2-Step) infrared heater from Val6 is capable of converting nearly 100% of fuel to clean, odorless, smokeless heat.  The state of the art combustion chamber makes the KBE5L (2-Step) one of the most efficient infrared portable heaters available today.


Smaller Machines

Do you need a machine that is lightweight and portable, but still packs a lot of heat output? MPX and Daystar Series from VAL6 can do just that, while maintaining smaller, lighter weight frames for great portability.


MPX portable infrared heater from VAL6 is a compact, combination heating unit combining both infrared and convectional heat.  The MPX has a radiation distance unlike other infrared heaters, making it the perfect machine for both commercial and limited space uses.  With its portable frame it can go almost anywhere.

Daystar Series combines infrared heat and forced air heat in a hand carry, lightweight frame, with the capability to heat large open areas.  In fact, at only 40 pounds, the Daystar is extremely portable and multi-functional.  Indoors or out, the Daystar Series will keep you warm all winter long.


Gas Powered Machines 

New this year! Efficient and powerful, gas powered heaters from VAL6 offer the benefits of an infrared heater with the convenience of either LP (propane) or Natural Gas.


Gas VAL6
These gas fired heaters provide powerful, efficient heat to construction sites, jobsite, or outdoor workspaces.  There are many benefits to the Gas fired VAL6 that range from ease of usage to outstanding efficiency.

The Gas fired VAL6 won’t disrupt your workspace because it is quiet, thanks to a combustion burner that premixes fuel gas and air.  This also allows the machine to produce clean combustion, resulting in 0 ppm of carbon monoxide discharge.

The heater is easy to move and adjustable thanks to its fairly lightweight frame and a 90 degree hinge that allows the heater to rest in different angles.



If safety is a concern when using a portable heater in your workspace, keep in mind that all VAL6 machines have safety features to protect users from accidents.  A flame monitor and air switch allow machines to self-monitor heat and shut off when necessary.  Additionally, a tip-over switch and overheat protection allow users extra safety when using the machine in a busy workplace


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