11 Industries That Use Steam Cleaners

Posted on: October 30th, 2017 by McHenry PCS

Why a steam cleaner may be the best option for your cleaning task?

Simply put, steam cleaners simplify business. Aside from cutting down on the amount of equipment you’ll need to transport each day, you’ll also be cutting down on chemical costs. Steam cleaners require less chemicals due to the grease and grime loosening nature of steam, meaning you’ll also have less waste to dispense of. Businesses are also able to avoid bureaucratic red-tape and easily operate because of the safe, eco-friendly, total cleaning ability of steam cleaners.

Industries That Use Optima Steam Cleaners

Car Wash
• The steam cleaner removes stains from upholstery using less water and taking less time than the often-used extractor. In fact, steam cleaners use as little as 1-gallon of water per car wash. The steam cleaner’s temperature is hot enough to lift any grease or soiling, yet gentle enough to leave the fabric unharmed.

Auto Service
• Steam cleaners used in the auto service industry clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle with ease, and quickly dries leaving behind a slip-free surface to work on.

Car Dealership
• Auto dealerships are able to quickly clean a high-volume of vehicles on their lot, inside and out, getting them ready to be presented to customers.

Boat, RV & Air Craft
• Marine technicians are able to thoroughly clean an entire boat without the fear of damaging any surfaces, which allows for easier application of marine-grade wax which must be applied for proper preservation. A steam cleaner also mitigates the growth and spread of mold that is common in damp, dark places.

Winery & Breweries
• The dry vapor of a steamer seeps through aging and storage barrels much quicker than liquid water making it more effective for sanitation. Steaming wineries and breweries also eliminates the need for toxic chemicals typically used in disinfecting, creating a sterol and safe consumption environment.

• Steam sanitation is the best option within the food industry since it negates the use of harsh chemicals, which is unsafe when used around food that will later be consumed. most pathogens are eliminated at 160°F, the optima steam cleaner heats to 240°F which easily removes all pathogens and bacteria.

• Dirty coils can create mold and mildew that’s potentially hazardous to people inside, but steam cleaning them with the optima steam cleaner removes harmful particles before they become air born. HVAC maintenance during the fall and spring can reduce monthly maintenance costs and expensive consequences of not cleaning your system.

• Bed bugs are killed at 140°F but our steamer surpasses that threshold achieving 212°F of constant steam with less than 5% moisture. This high temp and low moisture content allows surfaces to dry quickly yet has deep penetration.

Commercial Cleaning
• Erase graffiti, remove gum and stains, clean walls, ceilings, bathrooms, and sanitize surfaces a steam cleaner. There will be no damage to electrical components, and will enhance whatever surface you choose to clean.

Medical & Pharmaceutical
• With a steam cleaner hospitals and clinics are able to easily clean and sanitize a variety of surfaces such as carpet, mattresses, bedding, trays, supply carts, and instruments, creating a sterile environment. Overall, a steam cleaner is great for cleaning medical and pharmaceutical products.

Optima Steam Cleaner Facts
• Efficiency is maximized as two operators are able to clean at once.
• The Optima kills unwanted bacteria with constant steam up to 240°F.
• The steamer is durable enough for all-day use.
• There is no down time with the Optima Steamer since it can be used within 2 minutes of being turned on.
• Easily adjust your preferred cleaning method by adjusting from dry steam to wet steam.

The benefits of steam cleaning are obvious, now the only question is how to invest in your business. Contact us today for more information.