Everything You Need To Know About Wastewater Treatment Systems

Posted on: March 16th, 2016 by McHenry PCS

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t think much about the water supply. Yet the recent case in Flint, Michigan has many people talking about safe water.

The U.S. government remains vigilant about keeping our water supply fresh and free from contaminants and has enacted strict environmental laws.

Wastewater — or used water — contains oils, chemicals, human waste, sludge, food scraps, and other impurities and debris. Storm runoff is also classified as wastewater.

Much of the water used by homes, businesses, farms, hospitals, manufacturers, and municipalities must first be treated before it is released into the environment. Wastewater treatment removes as many suspended solids (called effluents) as possible before releasing water back into the water cycle.

In areas where wastewater is not properly treated, people can become sick in any number of ways, including:

  • Drinking contaminated water or other liquids made with contaminated water or ice,
  • Eating any food that was improperly handled by infected people or carriers,
  • Consuming fresh produce contaminated by polluted irrigation water, eating fish and seafood harvested from contaminated water
  • Showering or swimming in untreated water

Mi-T-M offers dozens of industrial wastewater treatment options and products. Whether you need a residential model or an industrial-grade system, we have the ideal treatment product for you.

Our wastewater treatment systems convert liquid wastes into an effluent and remove solids generated during the process. Here’s how many of the larger systems work to kill and remove pollutants and organisms.

Not only does proper wastewater treatment protect the environment and our health, it’s also good for your company’s bottom line. Once wastewater has been cleaned, much of it can be reclaimed and reused. This saves you money by decreasing charges for water consumption and by lowering your energy costs.

Industrial wastewater treatment systems can be customized and adapted to any location. Contact McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems today to discuss the best wastewater treatment system for you.