Posted on: March 24th, 2020 by McHenry PCS

Hello Customers/Friends,

We are all struggling personally and in our businesses to both handle and weather this current crisis. Maryland has just enacted a non-essential business closure notice starting at 5PM on 3/23. There is some gray area in determining the definition of essential/non-essential business, but we can state that many of our customers are essential businesses and the equipment we sell and support are essential to the operation of these businesses. McHenry PCS would like to continue to support our customers while respecting and protecting the health of our employees, customers and everyone else.

We have been practicing the CDC guidelines for social distancing,  hygiene, etc.  We are now requesting that you contact us by phone or email before coming to our facility.

We will continue to provide service (in-shop and at your locations) as long as it can be performed safely and following the current guidelines. We want to follow your individual business guidelines and practices, so please inform us of them when contacting us. Our goal is to remain open but we would like to minimize risks to everyone. Please continue to contact us by phone or email for service, parts or equipment requests.

Our Contact Information:

Office: 301-663-4683
Fax: 301-695-1411
My personnel e-mail:
Thank you and may God bless and protect all of us!