Commercial Pressure Washers for Your Business

Posted on: July 15th, 2016 by McHenry PCS

From backhoes to bulldozers, cranes to combines, and tractors to trucks, McHenry has the ideal commercial pressure washer to clean all your company equipment. For more than 25 years, McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems has helped our clients solve all their maintenance needs.


Whether you use a pressure washer at your business or off site, we want to help you choose the best model. Best of all, our customer service continues long after your purchase.


Our experienced technicians complete on-site installation, start up, and adjust all the equipment we sell. At McHenry, we pledge that you’ll have the right utilities and hook-ups to run your equipment properly.


To maintain their machinery, many different businesses use pressure washers every day. A few of the industries we serve include manufacturing, trucking, and heavy equipment companies.


As opposed to residential models, commercial pressure washers are extremely powerful. They’re designed for heavy and regular use and include high-quality pumps, engines and components. With proper maintenance, these machines will last for a very long time.


At McHenry PCS, we will help you select the perfect machine for your specific application. You’ll appreciate that all our equipment is completely assembled, serviced, and delivered for free. Further, we offer a fully authorized warranty station on everything we sell. We provide peace of mind.


You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to pressure washer options. Let’s look at three of those offerings:


Belt Drive or Direct Drive Pump

Built using a compact design, a direct drive pump is connected directly to the engine. This type of pressure washer is economical and is a good choice if you use several other cleaning machines at your business. Why? Direct drive units are consumer grade machines and won’t last as long if used as your primary daily cleaning tool. Our trained sales staff will help you select the right pressure washer components to match your job and project specifications.


In contrast, belt drive pumps are larger and run a slower RPM. In a belt drive system, the belt is located further away from the engine. This design keeps the engine cooler and prolongs the life of your pressure washer. A belt drive system absorbs all of the vibration, unlike a pump shaft. Belt drive pumps also keep heat and torque away from the engine. We recommend belt drive systems for all applications.


Gas or Electric

A good rule of thumb here? If you have smaller or indoor jobs, electric pressure washers are just the ticket. They are quiet, safe, and produce no emissions. Electric pressure washers require very little maintenance.


However, if your project requires more cleaning power, gas units are the better option. Gas units are portable, making them ideal for off-site jobs. However, with greater power come a few drawbacks: gas units are usually noisier and require more upkeep than electric models.


Hot or Cold

Both cold and hot water pressure washers pack a punch, but each offers certain benefits for specific cleaning conditions. If you simply need to remove dirt and grime from your smaller machinery, a cold pressure washer should be an effective tool. You can increase the strength of this pressure washer by the strategic addition of accessories, including detergents, rotating nozzles, and sand injectors.


However, if you’re battling against grease and oil, a hot water pressure washer is the only logical choice. That’s because heat reduces water’s surface tension, helping your unit penetrate and melt away stubborn grease stains. Hot water units also save you time by speeding up the cleaning process by 50 percent or more.


At McHenry, we are proud to be your trusted source for high quality pressure cleaning systems. We look forward to helping you with all your commercial pressure washer needs. Contact us today.