Best Cleaning Products For Pressure Washing Jobs

Posted on: April 30th, 2015 by McHenry PCS

McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems not only wants you to have the best quality equipment for any cleaning job, but the best cleaning solutions and detergents to get the job done.

The right detergent or soap product is a key ingredient in successful cleaning and achieving the results you desire.

McHenry PCS has the solution or detergent right for your job, and will help you choose the best product for your cleaning tasks.  Continue reading to learn more about cleaning solutions available at McHenry PCS.

Degreasing and Equipment Cleaning

440-TX Degreaser:  This cleaning solution will degrease equipment and even cleans vinyl and aluminum, Great product for washing heavy truck fleets and off road equipment.  Another popular use of this product is to clean vinyl or aluminum siding. This product can be ran thru a pressure washer or applied with an external sprayer.

Safety Brite Degreaser: For heavy soil and grime, Safety Brite Degreaser is a heavy duty cleaner with ingredients equipped for a complete clean. This product is best when used with a downstream injection or special applicator to clean dirty floors, heavy equipment, and greasy metal products. Popular for use as a pre spray for concrete surfaces. McHenry PCS’s heaviest cleaner.

Bio-Clean Degreaser: This product is best used to clean and degrease equipment and flooring when a non-emulsifying and low foaming detergent is required. Perfect for use in waste water treatment and recycling systems.


Fleet Cleaning

 Aqua Shine Wash: A product that uses new age chemistry to clean almost any type of vehicle surface safely and completely. This wash/wax type product cleans very well and leaves a nice sheen.  With no caustic, butyl or phosphates it will not erode or harm aluminum surfaces and meets many discharge requirements.

Z-702 Surface Cleaner: To clean painted surfaces or equipment, Z-702 Surface Cleaner provides soil dispersion and film removal without a brush.  A great mild degreaser and surface cleaner, this product works well with hot or cold pressure washers, sprayers and by hand application.

Two-Step Cleaning Process: Used with a special pressure washer or applicator, the Two-Step Cleaning process number one and two chemical combinations to provide a thorough, complete clean.  From painted, aluminum and stainless steel products and surfaces the Two-Step Cleaning Process does not require brushing to provide a film free clean.

ABX Aluminum Brightener: This product is a non-hydrofluoric acid aluminum cleaner and brightener. It it most helpful in cleaning and restoring aluminum surfaces on trucks and trailers. Special application and handling is required when using the ABX Aluminum brightner.

Taginator & Tagaway Graffiti Remover Products: These products are great weapons in the war against graffiti. They are safer and easier to use then many other products in the market.

For more information about cleaning solutions at McHenry PCS, contact us online, or by phone at (301) 663-4683 or (800) 221-6905.