When we go out to survey a location, customers are often surprised by the level and types of contaminants that come off their equipment in the cleaning process. Waste streams containing grease, oils, metals, and other contaminants drain off the equipment and can have an impact on the environment surrounding the area.

When we analyze a customer’s facility, we look for any red (or yellow) flags that could compromise the area. Cracking, leaking, and run-over near the wash bay and drainage area are good starting points to identify. We also take a look at the cleaning system to see how well it performs, the amount of water that it uses, reuses and treats, as well as the disposal process for contaminants.

If a customer doesn’t have a way of treating or reusing water we often recommend a water treatment system or portable recovery system. Reusing treated water reduces the amount of fresh water being used, lessens the burden on the community’s water systems, and saves the client money long term.

McHenry’s cleaning systems contain and treat the pollutants in waste water to allow for reuse or proper disposal into municipal sewer systems. Every system we design and install is up to the regulation code your business requires, keeping you protected from fines, penalties, and expensive contamination clean-up.

When you’re ready for an upgrade or analysis, McHenry Cleaning Systems can help you identify ways to reduce your environmental footprint, optimize your cleaning efficiency, and save money in the process.

Evaluation and Design

McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems provides design and analysis for cost-saving wash bay and water treatment solutions. Since each location is unique, McHenry staff will come out to your location to survey the area, utilities, and equipment that is cleaned. We’ll review your current wash bay area and how much cleaning you do. Based on the findings, we’ll provide custom solutions for disposal that minimize water waste, lower environmental impact and abide by all environmental regulations.


McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems can create a complete design of the wash area or partial to adapt to an existing system. We’ll provide recommendations for equipment and structures needed with conceptual drawings that show the wash area and water treatment flow and process.

Once you have the information you need, we’ll pull together a quote and timeline for installation and testing. Request a Quote and Evaluation »

Commercial Wash Systems

McHenry also offers the complete design and installation of commercial wash systems including those that do not need water treatment equipment. We work with manufacturing companies, processing plants and other businesses that have high-use demands on their wash equipment and where it is an important part of their everyday business process.

We’ll review your current wash equipment and environment then recommend improvements in design and equipment to replace the existing system for optimal cleaning efficiency. This can involve remote piping, remote controls, and various wash bay accessories to make your wash system more effective and productive.

Once a plan is established, we’ll come out to install and test the new system and provide a preventative maintenance plan to keep your equipment running smooth. Request a Quote and Evaluation »