Optima Steam Cleaners


With an optima steam cleaner you can reduce your water consumption considerably and eliminate the need for a waste-water reclamation system when cleaning. Contact McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems for more information.


  • Automatic temperature and pressure control
  • Super-efficient stainless steel boiler
  • Acheive dry or wet steam
  • Two operators can clean at once
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Can be used within 2 minutes of being turned on
  • Good for all day use
  • Kills bacteria because it gets up to 240°F

Uses By Industry

Mobile Car Wash

  • Consumes as little as 1 gallon per car wash
  • Removes stains from upholstery quickly
  • Hot enough to lift soilage and grease from the surface but gentle enough to not damage the 

Auto Body

  • Can clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle with a fast dry time
  • Dry steam provides a slip free environment

Car Dealership

  • Dry steam allows the upholstery to dry in minutes, not hours
  • No over spray
  • Can be adjusted to wet steam if needed for the exterior

Winery & Breweries

  • Sanitation is quicker and more effective with dry vapor seeping through the barrels
  • Constant high temp steam kills yeast and bacteria without the use of chemicals


  • Clean and sanatize kitchen equipment and floors

Food Processing

  • Eliminates pathogens at 160°F, goes all the way to 240°F
  • Able to sanatize without the use of chemicals


  • Bed bugs are killed at 140°F, the Optima Steam Cleaner goes to 212°F of constant heat
  • Dry steam (less than 5% moisture) allows the surface to dry fast but penetrate surfaces

Commercial Cleaners

  • Can erase graffiti, gum and stains
  • Clean walls, ceilings and entire bathrooms
  • No damage to electrical components with dry steam