Air Compressors

Regardless of your business or industry, the dependability and versatility of our air compressors means we have the perfect air compressor for you. The variety of compressors we carry covers everything from stationary units that stay at your facility, to portable units that get moved around the jobsite and handle a variety of job sizes.

Electric Stationary Air Compressors

These commercial units provide compressed air needs for your shop, factory or processing applications. NEMA rated motors and heavy-duty pumps with commercial components provide dependable air delivery. With many configurations and control packages, McHenry PCS can provide custom solutions to your air needs.


  • 60-120 Gallon Air Tanks
  • 5-50 HP electric motors
  • Vertical and Horizontal Models
  • Custom options and packages (Air dryers, custom controls, automatic drains)
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Mobile Service Air Compressors

These commercial rated units provide portable air where and when you need it. Mobile service units can be mounted on service trucks or other maintenance vehicles for tire changing, impact guns or whatever your air needs may be.


  • Single and Two Stage
  • 20 and 30 Gallon Air Tanks
  • 8–18 HP Engines; Gas & diesel options available
  • Electric Start Available
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Generator/Compressor Combo

Take air and electricity wherever you need it with our portable generator/compressor combination units. Get the efficiency of one unit while supplying both needs. Units are available in either portable or truck mounts.


  • 5.5 and 13 HP Engines
  • 1800–4000 watt outputs available
  • 8–30 Gallon Air Tanks
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Portable Series

McHenry carries portable compressed air in both electric motor and gas driven. These units are suitable for applications within many different industries. The dependability of this series and the backing of McHenry PCS service means your equipment is completely covered. Let us supply the correct air compressor for your specialty portable application.


  • Single and Two Stage available
  • 3–20 Gallon Air Tanks
  • 4–17 CFM Delivery
  • 3–13 HP gasoline motors
  • 2–5 HP electric motors
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Service & Maintenance

At McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems, our customer service doesn't end at the sale. Starting with proper installation, followed by complete maintenance, McHenry PCS will be there throughout the life of your equipment. Our preventative maintenance contracts offer customers regular maintenance checks to extend the life of your equipment and to repair or replace any parts that wear down over the years. At McHenry Pressure Cleaning Systems, you don't just buy our equipment; you buy a quality service team too.

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