Optima Steam Cleaners

Clean and sanitize with ease using the Optima Steam Cleaner, available at McHenry PCS. With stainless steel and plastic models to choose from, as well as diesel and electric options.

  • Automatic temperature and pressure control
  • Super-efficient stainless steel boiler
  • Achieve dry or wet steam
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Ready to use within 2 minutes
  • Temperature gets up to 240°F, killing bacteria
  • Use up to 8 hours

Industry Uses

The Optima Steam Cleaner can be used across many different industries, which is one of the many reasons we love it! Below are just some of the industries and their respected applications.

Auto Body Detailing

  • Cleans interior and exterior of vehicle with fast dry time
  • Dry steam makes a slip-free environment

Wineries & Breweries

  • Dry vapor makes sanitation quicker and more effective
  • Kills yeast and bacteria without the use of chemicals

Commercial Cleaning

  • Clean walls, ceilings, bathrooms and more
  • Erase graffiti, gum, and stains
  • No damage to electrical components with dry steam


  • Low pressure blasts away debris
  • No wastewater left behind

Food Processing

  • Dry steam eliminates pathogens at 160°F
  • Sanitize without the use of chemicals

Car Dealership

  • Dry steam allows upholstery to dry in minutes
  • Adjustable to wet steam if needed for the exterior
  • No over spray


  • Clean and sanitize kitchen equipment and floors

Mold Removal

  • Low pressure blasts away debris
  • Steam gets into cracks and hard to reach place

Steam Cleaner Accessories

steam cleaner accessory

Wine Barrel Steam Tool

  • Sanitizes wood barrels used for wine, beer and distilling with the dry steam of the Optima Steamer.
  • Mounts to standard Bordeaux barrels and includes a heavy-duty thermometer for precise sanitation monitoring.
  • Equipped with a heavy base, silicone bung, and a steam valve for easy operation.

Pneumatic Conveyor Belt Cleaning Tool

  • Pneumatic-driven steam jets carefully and precisely clean and sanitize belts as they run.
  • Eliminates the need for stopping the belts.
  • Little to no waste-water, no overspray or harsh chemicals, and no drainage required.
steam cleaner accessory

Equipment Financing Application

If you're interested in equipment financing options for Optima Steam Cleaners, please contact us or try our lease calculator.

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